Baby Sitter/Sofa Chair ( Cute Rabbit )

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Baby Sitter/Sofa Chair ( Cute Rabbit )

Detail : 

Comfortable Teddy Seat Fabric Velvet

Filling With Reliance Pure a Grade Fiber

Heavy Back Support

Baby sitting chair nursery pillow protectors for 3-12 months

Upright seating position helps stabilize your infant's back, sides and legs while they learn to sit up

Comfy support safely wraps your baby in plush comfort as they observe their surroundings

Lightweight and portable easily provides your baby a safe place to sit in any room of the house

Beautiful Designed and Soft Material

Height : 45

Width : 40

Length : 46

Weight : 1.8 Kg

Color :  Orange

Note : Opening video should be shown before 24 hours.

Then only the return can be permitted if its damaged.